11 thoughts on “Costume Designer Margaret Furse: The Frock Flicks Guide

  1. I’ve seen several of these movies. And I loved BECKET and THE LION IN WINTER. But now I need to seriously try to the rest of her work.

  2. The comment about the 50s hairstyles in Madeline got me thinking…which is worse? Anachronistic hairstyles or tragic wigs?

  3. I adore Anne of the Thousand Days and actually can forgive the french hoods – they are way better than 90% of all other “Tudor” films (my only grouch is Anne’s hair is NOT in a centre parting and is frequently loose which is irritating but far less irritating than seeing earrings on women wearing french hoods. I think only Elizabeth Taylor in her cameo role in that film was wearing earrings). The only production which surpasses AoTD in accuracy on 1530s/40s dresses is the 1995 BBC version of A Prince and the Pauper. The costumes in that were perfect.
    I also love the Mary Queen of Scots costumes too. So gorgeous.

  4. My top favourite is Anne of A Thousand Days despite the play version is told from Anne’s viewpoint while the movie is more Henry-centric. Ms Bujold and Ms Dormer are my favourite Anne Boleyns.

    My other three favourites are Love Among the Ruins, Lion in Winter and Mary Queen of Scots with both incomparables Jackson and Redgrave.

  5. Scrooge! One of my favorite adaptations of “A Christmas Carol.” I don’t even care that the flashback scenes are so heavily 1970s more than 1810s-1820s. Dame Edith Evans in that red late-1700s gown is SO impressive.

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