3 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday: Katharine Hepburn

  1. I adore Kate! Thank you for featuring her. I think my favorite film is Lion in Winter as there is so much witty and clever dialog, plus it’s one of the first films I saw that portrayed what perhaps the real life was like in a castle (dogs everywhere, eating discarded food under the table, chickens all over the courtyard, etc). Plus it also features Tim Dalton and Tony Hopkins in their first roles…

  2. The first time I saw her was in The Philadelphia Story. Divine! But Stage Door has to be my favourite – Kate and Ginger! KATE AND GINGER! Also, it’s a complete heartbreaker of a film too.
    The kitten dress from Little Women was recently show in a Hollywood costumes exhibition here in Brisbane – it’s owned by a local collector here. There was just so much there to get excited about! <3

  3. For Regency Attire, look at Katherine’s Quality Street. b/w. Charmingly depiction, gowns, BONNETS, and starts out pre-Napoleonic, and ends after the War. Dialogue is very Austen in delivery. Dashing Captain Brown!

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