5 thoughts on “Corsage (2022) Goes Outside the Box

  1. This was one of my favorite movies of the year. I was obsessed with Empress Elisabeth, there was such a drama behind her. But I never really found a movie that expressed how much of a figure she was. This movie really shows how her self obsession could negatively impact the lives of others, instead of just playing her up as this ditzy princess. Shes smart, self centered, and honestly a bit selfish, but of course there’s nuance in Kreps’ performance that gives her depth. This was definitely the Sissi Movie I needed!

  2. I’m waiting for either Amazon or Netflix to show it without paying extra. It looks interesting

  3. Elisabeth was mentally ill, a fact of which she was quite aware. Compulsive exercising, compulsive dieting, with evidence suggesting an occasional binge. She has symptoms similar to her crazy cousin Ludwig of Bavaria, reluctance to interact with people, obsessive building projects, a retreat into a private fantasy world. There’s some evidence that Elisabeth was asexual. After thirty five she allowed no photographs and concealed her face as much as possible behind fans and veils. Her hiking mania seems to have ruined her complexion, she described as brown and wrinkled, but she also described as stunningly beautiful even into old age. Her personality could still entrance and fascinate.

  4. The purple lace fan looks out of place when the ladies are all bundled up in a carriage. Would they need to be cooling themselves down at the same time as wearing capelets, gloves, and generally winter accessories?

    1. As someone who’s worn a full period gown, hat, cape, gloves, etc., in various weather, sure, it’s easy to get overheated ;) But also, fans are just accessories, & they look good. Conspicuous consumption.

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