11 thoughts on “18th Century Quest: The Liberator (2013)

  1. I had to drop all of my streaming services due to the pandemic bc I’m unemployed. Will do when I go back to work. Take care. Stay safe.

  2. I feel as though I brought a cake to a GBACG event decorated a lot like that hat.

  3. What is going on with that ‘art nouveau number’ ???? Why those sleeves and that MASSIVE floral design???? Why ???? It is all so confusingly random my head hurts! It was a relief seeing the next image of her dressed in a correct, green regency gown… although I am not 100% certain that she is wearing the correct underpinnings underneath.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks Édgar Ramírez looks like a hotter version of Mark Ruffalo?

  5. The lower class characters in the screenshots intrigue me. I want to see a movie about them.

  6. That short jacket was done with an original antique mantón de Manila (19th century), it’s not that modern. Check Goya’s “La merienda” (The Picnic), “La cometa” (The kite) and “Baile a orillas del Manzanares” (Dance on the banks of the Manzanares)… you will see some “redes de madroños”.

    1. Funfact! A madroño is a fruit that comes from the madroño tree, a bushlike short tree that represents Madrid, where the Majas and Majos are from. The fruit looks exactly like the pompoms, small, round yellow in the inside and red orange in the outside. The flavour is slightly sweet and the texture is sandy and seedy, and you can pick them and eat them everywhere around the city (especially in the past when polution didnt make everything gross). Wearing madroño nets is part of the national reprrsentation that majas where obsessed with.

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