13 thoughts on “The Load (2016) Portrays 16th-Century Mexico

    1. That center back seam is suspicious … same with the center-back seam on the black dress. sigh

  1. It strikes me as really strange that the Franciscan fathers would prefer to entrust their vital witness to one man, however trusted. What if they’re waylaid? A mule and a couple of escorts makes more sense. And possibly a little less noticable than a native Porter carrying a Spanish woman on his back.

  2. Wouldn’t the spiral lacing misalignment occur because the eyelets aren’t set up in a way meant for spiral lacing? All the spiral lacing holes I’ve seen have them offset with the top and bottom pairs of eyelets aligned horizontally so it effectively locks the ends in place. With what’s seen here, the shifting would occur since there isn’t anything locking them together horizontally.

    1. Yeah I think that’s what’s happening. These here don’t have the closer spacing at opposite top and bottom to balance it out.

    2. It’s taken me far too long to respond, but I just need to state that your username made me LOL! (And yes, I think you’re right about the lack of offset hole layout)

    3. I’m amused by the lacing comments. This is backwoods colonial Mexico circa 1542! If you were a noblewoman out there 350 years before fashion magazines, you’d have to be very lucky to have a dresser available who knew how to get your clothes lined up right and to have a full length mirror so you could check your back to see. I’d regard the misalignment as verisimilitude on the part of the director, whatever other anachronisms or stretches of credibility are onscreen.

  3. I’ve only seen this actress in two other films–The Limehouse Golem and Cracks–both of which were interesting and good. So, I’ll give her credit for picking at least two good projects. I’ve never heard of this film before. Thanks for putting this on my radar.

    OK—just roll with me for a second…does anyone else think that the very first picture, the native man in the front looks like Tommy Lee Jones–in the face. Please tell me that you can see that! When I saw the thumbnail, I was like, did they find some random vintage Tommy Lee Jones movie? Um…no. But still…that guy’s face looks like his (to me at least)!

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