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  1. I love Gemma Arterton and wish she were more well known. She has a real presence. Of the titles you’ve listed here, I’ve only seen Lost in Austen, and I loved it! This post sent me to her IMDB page and made realize that I have a lot of catching up to do regarding her filmography, including some titles listed here that have interested me for a while–Vita & Virginia and Their Finest. The King’s Man has been on my radar ever since the trailer was released last year. Can’t wait to see that one! On a contemporary note, I highly recommend the satirical short film that Gemma co-produced called Leading Lady Parts (watch it on YouTube). It’s a very biting critique of the way women are cast in film productions. As an added plus, it features several actresses discussed on this site and Man Can Monday heartthrob Tom Hiddleston. Gemma A was a great choice! Bravo for recognizing her!

  2. I am a brit and there is definitely a tendency for well spoken middle class british actors to get roles which perhaps wouldnt go to a cockney for example. Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne spring to mind. But I am a fan of Gemma Aterton because I think she isn’t of that ilk, her stage career may be more suited to her? I also agree that some actresses shouldn’t do certain roles, Gwyneth Paltrow doing Emma and Renee doing Beatrix Potter. Works both ways! I certainly don’t think British are over represented in Hollywood though 🤔 but it also rankles that Kiera does so well when I think she is less talented than others!!

  3. I completely agree. I have been observing the rise of these and many other young British actressess in the past decade with a mix of confusion and disbelief. They are all mediocre at best, yet they are hailed as amazingly talented. It seems being young, pretty and British truly is enough.

    1. I love Byzantium, I was going to suggest it too. And she’s fabulous in it. The Regency costumes are very nice and not only white nighties :D

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