14 thoughts on “WCW: Sarah Gadon

  1. She was luminous in Alias Grace. I adored how subtle she was in the role.

  2. I have to say that I have usually found her quite bland and, to be truthful, she seems to fade into the wallpaper. She even looks tepid to me! She has a very ‘Stage School’ feel to her, which strangely erks me somewhat – me having trained in acting at university. I remember pondering over how, in some roles, they might have cast someone more vital and challenging to a viewer. In my opinion she often seems to rest heavily on being ‘pretty’ and stand-offish/restrained – leading to there being little definition between her characters. Ye Gods I sound bitchy!!!! I suppose that my favourite performances would have to be in ‘My Name is Evil’ and ‘Belle’, but I can’t decide how much of my preference is due to co-cast and writing/direction. I am fascinated to know in which role she caught your attention. Huge thanks for your amazing work!

    1. … Saying the above; I suppose that she has the same sort of effect on me, as does Scarlett Johansson. Perhaps it is a simple knee jerk reaction to her performances! Lol.

  3. I fully expected not to have seen her before, only to discover, I’ve seen her quite a bit.

    She’s a bland kind of pretty and doesn’t appear to stand out much. Alias Grace though, was very good all around.

  4. I think she’s gorgeous in a very old-fashioned way and delicate-looking, which makes her very suited to costume dramas.

    1. I totally agree with you, Charity. I would add that she convinces as both a blond and a brunette. That might be because the first thing I remember her from is A Royal Night Out, in which she plays a teenage version of Queen Elizabeth. I’ve really enjoyed three of the four movies I’ve seen in her in–A Royal Night Out, Belle, and Dracula Untold. The Girl King is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and should be avoided at all costs. The movie features several several good (and and pretty good) actors, but even they can’t save this mess. If you’re interested in Queen Christina of Sweden, I’d recommend learning about her in any other way than by watching this movie. I saw a wonderful play about her life in my college days, and Greta Garbo played her in the 1933 movie, Queen Christina.

      1. I think the first place I saw her was Dracula Untold and I thought — what a pretty girl with a lovely face for costume dramas. We’ll be seeing way more of her.

        Pretty hard to beat Greta Garbo, IMO. ;)

  5. I thought she has striking features; the camera seems to love her. I wish they gave her better material sometimes. I can’t believe I finished Dracula Untold.

    1. I had no idea who she was til I saw that screenshot from Alias Grace. She was outstanding in that wonderful series! You should cover it here one day, it presents a great cross section of clothing at different levels of society.

  6. I first “discovered” her when she was on World Without End, I thought she was sooo pretty! My favorite role of hers is definitely Alias Grace – she really knocks it out of the park in that one. The show overall is sublime but her acting is freaking superb. The story is so unnerving.

  7. I’ve first seen her in World without an end. In Belle, she caught my eye, because of the color scheme they used for her in contrast to the leading actress – they both looked stunning, specially when shared a scene! By the time I watched Alias Grace, I was already in love with her. A Royal Night Out was fun, but did not impact me.

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