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  1. I absolutely loved this miniseries- but I had also read the book prior to seeing it, so the unresolved nature of the ending did not surprise/trouble me. I actually found it rather interesting, because you get to decide (in part) what kind of story you want it to be. Is there a supernatural element? Is it a matter of a mental illness? Is she playing everyone?
    It was a faithful adaptation, which I always appreciate, and even though the costumes weren’t much in the way of eye candy, they were well done and accurate! Huzzah!
    Plus, it featured My Boyfriend Zachary Levi, with a beard that I was initially unsure of, but grew to like because it was paired with those dashing straight legged plaid trousers that should not attract me as much as they do.

  2. Haven’t seen it yet, it’s on my list.

    With the character details in mind, Grace’s unmatched plaid towards the top is a nice touch.

  3. Since I like to study psychology on the side, I took the ending to mean she had split personalities; a docile one, and the other one, which arose to ‘protect Grace.’ She was not aware of her alternate self most of the time, which accounted for people noticing the differences in her personalities and presenting two different accounts of her behavior. (“Grace” truly is innocent, and did not kill those people; her alternate self, which she calls the spirit of her dead friend, did.) I came to this conclusion because her murderous, violent self did not match the kind, good-natured friendliness of her friend — thus, she was not being possessed by her friend’s spirit. I think when hypnotized, her alternate self emerged.

  4. By the 1840s lacing is becoming much less common, my guess is that they used hooks and eyes, the little ridge makes me think that they probably used modern hook and eye tape.

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