6 thoughts on “WCW: Q’orianka Kilcher

  1. I loved Q’orianka’s performance in the Alienist and can’t wait to watch more of her in the other films. Her character did not speak but she was able to communicate in such an intense yet beautiful way. I was very impressed.

    1. I am in complete sympathy with Kilcher’s comment on not being limited to stereotypical native American roles.

  2. Loving Italowestern but hating that there even with the best intentions (representing the crimes against Native Americans such as in “Navajo Joe”) the representation of Navajo or most Nations was completely wrong, I’m so happy about Kilcher and how she acted in many of her films to portray American Natives in a sensible manner. I would be happy to see more about American culture before the arrival of the British for example and can see that great actors like her can help to give these cultures a better face. However I can understand that Kilcher doesn’t want to be reduced to Pocahontas (although I thought that she performed very well there and was one of the best aspects of the whole production) or similar roles.

    Thank you for portraying Kilcher here.

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