3 thoughts on “More From The Cook of Castamar

  1. “I’m not saying hypothermia or exposure aren’t things, just, this is such a trope from before-modern-germ-theory.”

    Well, to be fair, when people didn’t know about modern germ theory, or brucellosis, or exactly how illnesses such as yellow fever are transmitted, they did cast around for explanations which to us seem absurd – ‘he didn’t change his stockings after getting his feet wet!’ (a standard explanation for illness and death in the letters of Jane Austen’s family) or ‘she slept with her window open!’

    1. Oh totally, so if it’s in a period novel, it makes perfect sense. But this is based on a historical novel written by a modern author!

  2. Too many beards and ugly cravates to my taste. The mix of clothing from all decades of the 18th century are typical for such productions. Thank you for writing about the series nevertheless.

    Do you write about “Delicious” too?

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