7 thoughts on “The Royal Exchange (2017)

  1. I wish they included in the film the passage of the book where Louise Elisabeth burped three times in a row in full court dress under a canopy in front of the court of Spain (authentic) ^^

  2. I abhor, detest and want to feed Condé to Drogon or Smaug. But Spanish Princess is cute and the Cavaliers are NY all-time favourite dog breed. Cat was cute. And Bouffers was creepy.

  3. So basically the attempted exchange didn’t work out at all. Both brides ended up back in their own country.
    Mariana Victoria later enjoyed a successful reign as regent of Portugal and Louise Elisabeth may have been much happier living quietly in her native country.

  4. I think that it’s a good film. The costumes are not the best – I remember a coat of the king which is too large.
    No of the younger characters become older. That’s true. But all of the younger actors are too old for their roles anyway.
    The actor of the regent just is looking too old and too boring if you compare him with the great Philippe Noiret in “Que la fête commence”.
    I loved the details and the actors of the kings and the young infante.

  5. This film was terribly boring even for someone who loves historical films… I had to put on the subtitles as the actors don’t articulate, but I’m French!

  6. I absolutely adored this movie and didn’t find it slow at all. Mariana was incredibly cute in the film – albeit it was weird that she didn’t age at all in the four years she stayed there. I loved how she charmed the elderly French court ladies. Louise Elisabeth was possibly even wackier in real life…

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