6 thoughts on “WCW: Marion Cotillard

  1. Without any doubt, it’s La Vie en Rose. Her hauntingly accurate portrayal of Edith Piaf was superb. She conveyed Piaf’s almost simultaneous hard as nails steel core and her waif like vulnerability with a effortless appearing ease that immediately draws in the watcher. You’re rooting for Edith. You want to see her succeed as well as beat her demons.
    I enjoyed listening to the songs that made her a symbol of France, not just the iconic La Vie en Rose.

  2. I liked her in Nine (2009) as Luisa Contini, the protagonist Guido’s long suffering wife. This film musical is set in the 1960’s and is based on the musical of the same name.

  3. What I found supendously funny in Midnight in Paris was that HE thought the 1920s were The Bomb and SHE thought the 1890s were IT and stayed there. The Golden Age is always Back Then and not Now.

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