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  1. Cinderella was written for television, and the original Julie Andrews was a telecast, not a stage musical. It was remade with Warren to take advantage of color broadcasting.

  2. Victor Victoria is my fav, she plays that part with a certain relish. Her performance is perfect!

    1. The ‘Chicago Illinois’ song-and-dance number is seared into my brain!

      (also the delivery of the line “close the daw’)

  3. I remember seeing the Julie Andrews “Cinderella” as a small child. When the Warren version came out I was still young enough to be confused at the difference between the two productions, but I imprinted so hard on her character that she will always be that character first and foremost for me. But after that? Definitely “Victor Victoria.” She is loads of fun in “Clue” too.

  4. It’s a three way ie between Cinderella, Victor/Victoria and Clue. I loved the costumes in them. IMHO Victor/Victoria and Clue probably had the best costumes.

  5. Those Egyptian costumes in Joseph do look very good. Much more authentic than usual.

      1. Lesley seems to be wearing a g-string under her robe, those sashes should be red like in the reliefs, and I’m not sure about those stripes in the background but a respectable attempt.

  6. My daughter and I loved “Faerie Tale Theatre,” especially “The Dancing Princesses” and Jeff Goldblum’s Big Bad Wolf. We need a FTT tribute!

  7. I wanted Leslies’ Cinderella’s ballgown so badly I’d have eaten liver and asked for 2nds. yeah, Beluah land was pretty bad, so were the books. and I love Fairie Tale Theater, Robin Williams as the frog prince was wicked funny. I have them somewhere on dvd! I wonder if anyone’s streaming them…

  8. Leslie’s dress (and hair) as Cinderella broke my brain as an eight year old and I have never gotten over it: I still swoon a little.

  9. The happiest millionaire is set in the Edwardian era, and the one the only genuine family band is set in the 1880’s.

  10. Cinderella aired once a year for three years, and my sisters and I were addicted. One of our neighbors had given us her wedding gown (!), and it served as Cinderella’s ball gown during our productions for years. I love the music.

  11. She is the best Cinderella for me…have been rewatching her on Prime in this role, and the words of all the songs come back to me from original watch when I was six. Now they are on repeat in my brain…

  12. The Happiest Millionaire was my absolute favorite as a child and John Davidson was my beau ideal.

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