6 thoughts on “WCW: Julianne Moore

  1. Kendra, you NEED the green evening dress with black lace sleeves from “The Ideal Husband.”

  2. I could have sworn I’ve seen a Julianne Moore frock flick, but I don’t remember any of the ones listed.

  3. Not Frock Flickable but she’s awesome as Maude Lebowski. I want the bowling valkyrie costume.

  4. She was perfect in A Single Man. She was very good in Boogie Nights. She was good in The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio but the movie overall was so disappointing when compared against the memoir (of the same name), that I can’t really recommend it. I’m REALLY stretching it here, but I’m pretty sure I saw Cast a Deadly Spell back in the day. It was pretty good (to my teenage self), but I don’t recall much of it other than I thought it was cool and creepy. Seventh Son was terrible and a real travesty that that was the film that reunited Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges so many years after The Big Lebowski (one of my fave films). She has such an ice cold beautiful look for period pieces, and I think she would’ve made an excellent rich bitch American frenemy of Lady Felicia in the early seasons of Father Brown.

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