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  1. Wow, didn’t know there were so many pale Anglo women inhabiting the Biblical middle east! Didn’t know that!

    1. Does that mean you didn’t know that a certain person had light-brown hair and blue eyes, just like an ideal mid-century American? (Or at least he does in Hollywood epics.)

  2. Joanne whalley is so pretty!Her mouth is the only part of her age to suggest ageing,otherwise her eyes are so pretty and,ahem,seductive.I actually thought she was too pretty to play CoA in Wolf Hall because I feel she would have been a bit too plump at that point in her life.Whalley has a figure that women of her age would die for.

    1. I agree. A very lovely woman who aged beautifully.
      And you’re right about CoA too, she became very fat in later life, after all those failed pregnancies. Francis I described her, with typically ungallantry, as old and deformed, an obvious exaggeration.

  3. I, too, am a fan of her Sorcha in Willow. Have you thought about a comparison of Willow and Midsummer Night’s Dream? Fairies etc.
    But my favourite historical role she did was Vanozza in The Borgias. Gorgeous costumes and hair.

  4. I noticed that she is holding her utensils the British way in the Gone with the Wind sequel. Not done here in the U.S. but who knows what they were doing in the 1860’s South.

    1. Joann’s is a fabric store chain in the US that has managed to be almost the only fabric store in a lot of areas. The supplies are usually focused on quilting and home decor, with some fashion fabric stuffs, but not a lot that’s useful for any historic type clothing. I’m going to stop there; Joann’s makes me grumpy :)

  5. Tim Matheson may or may not have been JFK, but he was outstanding in a very complicated role in “The West Wing”.

    1. when they took Hoynes from “oh, I guess maybe he’s a decent guy and we may have been unfair to him” and recovering alcoholic to “btw yeah he was sleeping with everyone on the campaign trail” I was so frustrated. Part of the last gasps I had for that show after Sorkin and Lowe departures.

  6. Jamaica Inn is a fabulous read, though! I love her. She’s done some amazing work. Willow is one of my top ten. Filmed here in New Zealand of course!

  7. P.S. Noah’s wife was called Naamah apparently. But hey, Emmy sounds kinda, Hebrew.. too?

  8. I’ve always thought that Whalley’s portrayal of Scarlett was underrated. I think people tend to dismiss it because “Scarlett” was a sequel to “Gone With the Wind”. The 1994 miniseries wasn’t perfect. Then again, neither was the 1939 movie.

  9. I love me some Timothy Dalton. That chin dimple! He looks good there.

    As Queen Mary I, is the character wearing an armored breastplate?

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