14 thoughts on “WCW: Charlotte Rampling

  1. Hm, I’m curious about that Great Expectations… can’t say I loved the novel, but that regency wedding dress + Ioan Gruffudd pique my interest.

    I need to revisit Chekhov. I read Three Sisters at probably 13, maybe the Cherry Orchard at one point? And I think I didn’t understand either. But I also read Lady with a Dog in a college lit class, and the entire thing was a send up of Anna Karenina, particularly its moralizing. So I would like to revisit on a suspicion of humor.

  2. I absolutely loved her in The Duchess, but looking through this list I realized I loved her in a lot more. Not my fave Mrs. Havisham but she is definitely gorgeous in that dress. Need to go look for The Little Stranger.

  3. Haven’t seen most of these, so “The Damned” I also remember a film she did with Dirk Bogarde, “The Night Porter” about a sick relationship between a Holocaust survivor and a concentration camp officer. She is one of those women, like Helen Mirren, who oozes sex appeal, and knows how to make it work on camera.

  4. Wings of the Dove and The Duchess are my favourite movies. Costumes in each were super amazeballs.

  5. Loved her in The Duchess and Great Expectations.She was pretty charming in the little screen time she had as Anne.The aquanet in The Long Duel might have created an ozone hole above the equator itself,if that were possible.

  6. Cherry Orchard: “We will go to Moscow, and we will work.” Lather, rinse, repeat.

  7. I read the novel Radetzkymarsch and loved it; gripping and tragic. I haven’t bothered with either series adapting it and wasn’t sure I should.

    Also: what in the fresh hell is going on with the Photoshop job on the La dernière fête poster?

  8. Did they crochet their outfits in Tis a Pity She’s a Whore? Both those outfits look like they came out of one of those Bernat How To Crochet pamphlets my mom still has in her craft room.

  9. That French film “La dernière fête” is looking like one of those low Budget TV-films from this period. Look at the beard and the wig of one of the guys!

    I ask for myself if not somebody managed to notice that the 62-years old Charlotte Rampling was just not looking like the 37-years old Lady Spencer?
    The costumes in “The Duchess” deserved a better film (but maybe that’s something which is true for many epic frock flicks (“Jefferson in Paris” too – same problem with too old actors).

  10. Charlotte Rampling has a long, impressive career and she is one of those actresses who can make period costumes sing! BUT!

    .. are we just not going to discuss young hot Russell Crowe?

  11. Charlotte is great actress and she has that natural regalness for costume pictures yeah she’s really great not valued enough
    Zinotchka sounds awfully like garbo’s comedy doesn’t it? kkkkkk
    Her photos in Sherlock made me think it would be nice to have an Irene Adler WCW she’s a very interesting character even if she’s no Milady de Winter
    And one can’t blame no one for not knowing the cherry orchard it’s about a woman getting crazy while having to sell her state

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