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  1. It took the Roman church nearly 1000 years to make up its mind about clerical celibacy, and about 10 seconds to decide to persecute the Albigensians. This was the purge that gave rise to the infamous quote, Kill them all; God will know His own.” “Massacre at Montsegur” is a good read on the subject.

  2. I enjoyed it. Found the script a better adaptation than Sean’s. I wouldn’t mind rewatching.

  3. I would love to see this, thanks for bringing it to my attention. However, it’s not on Netflix, I just checked. So sad!

  4. Cathars were dualists, there was a Good God and an Evil God. The latter being identified with the God of the old testament which as a Jew I find offensive. basically spirit was good and matter was evil. Reproduction was bad because it trapped souls in bodies. They also believed in reincarnation and had a very Buddhist goal of freeing themselves from the cycle. While female cathars could ascend to the role of Perfecti, ascetic leaders of the sect. The old idea of women as temptations to the flesh (matter evil) was part of Catharism and an incarnation as a man was by some considered necessary before final salvation.

  5. It looks like you can watch it via the Sundance Channel on Prime. I don’t know if there are other options.

  6. I appreciated the fact that they tried to mould “the girl” into a full character instead of merely serving as Adso’s slutty love interest (cf. the first movie). But the whole Albigensian side plot felt utterly contrived and did not contribute anything to the story.

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