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  1. She definetly is Lady Catherine de Burgh as I would imagine her out of the book. I love her acting and think that this was one of the best decisions in casting ever. It’s very interesting to see a photo of her from her earlier years. I thought that she played very well in “A bequest to the nation” as well although the role is very small and I would have hoped to see more from her. Great to see her portrayed here. :-)

  2. God I love her as Lady Catherine. Obviously her confrontation with Lizzie, both of them absolutely spitting at each other and Lady C waving her massive muff around, is fantastic, but I also love the more subtle moment in the much earlier scene where they’ve met for the first time and Lizzie has dared to talk back a bit. She does some banal bragging as if to change the subject – “Lady Catherine, said she, you have given me a treasure” – and then just for a second her facade drops and she looks at Lizzie with absolute cold hatred. Lovely.

  3. Fascinating. I must check out the flicks I haven’t seen.

    And that IS a good gable hood! But it’s perched on top of her head. I thought no hair should show with a gable hood… what the cross-cross of fabric at the front is to hide.

  4. ‘Wives and Daughters’ wins for me. Love the adaptation of the book and love the way she plays Lady Cumnor.

    1. My favourites are Lady Catherine de Bourg and Lady Cunmor. Her Lady Bareacres conveyed just the right amount of snobbery to Becky Sharp. I thought she was Lady Nelson in Bequest?

  5. I remember “Search for the Nile!” Not in great detail, but I did watch it back when dinosaurs walked.

    1. I’ve only seen Fiona Shaw as Lady Burton in Mountains of the Moon. But would enjoy this one too. Brittbox or Acorn to stream? From another Veggiesaurus

  6. There’s a great moment in the British sitcom As Time Goes By (not a frock flick sadly, but very 90s) where THIS Lady Catherine officiates the marriage of ANOTHER Lady Catherine, Dame Judi Dench. It blows my mind and makes me grin to see them in the same universe. Like two Dr Who’s or two James Bonds….only cooler and with more sass. On my first tv job I got to work with Penelope Keith as Lady C in a ‘spin off’ Death Comes to Pemberly, I’d love to see her in P&P itself (there’s an essay on here from snark week about her frock in that one, so I’ll just say it wasn’t my fault, hold up my hands and quietly back away from the comments section now….).

  7. The Nelson Affair is on Youtube complete under it’s alternative name Bequest for the nation, i’ve seen it already Glenda Jackson as Lady Hamilton is gloriously funny

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