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  1. I didn’t know that Upstairs Downstairs with Keeley had a third season. I’m going to see if it’s on Amazon Prime.

    But I have to say her Boudiccea was excellent. Steel core warrior and protective mother all in one.

    Don’t really remember much about Moll Flanders except her and the costumes. She was the best Moll in history.

  2. Covington Cross aired in the US. I was obsessed with it in jr high. Ione Skye and Glen Quinn (swoon)

    1. You too? But it was Nigel Terry I obsessed over. Not that I didn’t notice how stunning Ione Skye was and the general hunkiness of the Grey brothers.

    2. As an aside, did you know that Ione Skye is the singer Donovan’s daughter?

  3. I had always hoped while reading the Outlander books that Alex would be cast as Claire in the inevitable movie or tv series. I think she would have been perfect. But by the time Starz started producing it, she was too old to play a 20-something younger Claire, unless they’d done it the way the Crown is being produced with different casts. But that’s much harder to do with fiction versus portraying a real living person (who is also the most photographed person in history).

  4. That is NOT how they dressed in First Century Britain. Written sources describe Boudicca as wearing tartan gowns fastened on the shoulders by fibula. And there should be more and heavier gold jewelry. She was a wealthy Queen.

    1. And probably not wearing metal grommets on her belts.
      That’s Steven Waddington with her on the second Boudicca shot–the ill-fated British officer in Last of the Mohicans (the one starring Daniel Day-Lewis’ hair).b

  5. Moll Flanders, I LOVED it so much. In particular because the insipid US version came out around the same time. Kinda like the Emma movies. No contest!

    1. This! Also, I remember being stunned (stunned!) at the male nudity* on display on broadcast TV (it was PBS, but still!) .

      *a few male bums.

    2. Oh, her Moll! For some reason I can’t quite express, A.K. is my notion of a perfect 17th-to-18th-century face. Some performers seem so contemporary when they attempt period roles; she doesn’t.

  6. I loved Sweet Land- and not just b/c I’m from Minnesota! Alan Cummings is also in it, playing Kingston’s husband.

    1. Sweet land is one of my favorites!! Kingston is only in a few scenes but she steals them. “Have some pie…”

    1. Wasn’t that weird? A good actor, but I don’t associate him with humor, joy, pleasure. As I recall, he was OK in “Moll Flanders” and, later on, really miscast as Ted Hughes in “Sylvia.”

      (O.T.: Ridiculous to think that Richard Armitage wasn’t cast; he would have made a great Hughes.)

  7. I first saw her in ER… and she turned up on Arrow as Felicity ‘s mother but with her hair straightened for some reason. Also did some people wrangling at a con she was at. She impressed by staying back to ensure everyone who wanted wanted an autograph got one.

  8. Sweetland is such a lovely story! Brownie is a delight and Cummings as her husband is wonderful. “Bigger, better, faster!”

  9. Kingston has git to be one of the sexiest middle aged ladiesaluve without being at all conventionally beautiful.

  10. That was supposed to be: Alex Kingston has got to be one of the sexiest middle aged women around.

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