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  1. I saw The Last Legion, and from what I remember, yeah… it wasn’t the best. But hey, Colin Firth in an action movie! Yes please!

  2. Jodhaa Akbar is my comfort watch.Chokher Bali has one of her best performances,and arguably one of the finest scripts Aishwarya has worked with.
    Everybody seems to like Devdas,feels like I am the only one who loathes this adaptation(1955 version ftw).The saris in the 2002 Devdas adaptation are pretty but tragically inaccurate,popularising the faux ‘Bengali’ style of draping with larger pallu on left shoulder,smaller one on right.Actually both pallus are supposed to go twice around the left shoulder.Almost every subsequent Bollywood film committed this blunder with the aathpoure style by following Devdas’ footsteps,so much that some real Bengalis started emulating it.This fad was probably as strong as GWTW misrepresenting the corsets,that just stuck like oat slime with the masses.

      1. Devdas is certainly a spectacle to behold, and Aishwariya’s dancing is only second to Madhuri Dixit’s–both are in the film. But I adore the 1916 novella it’s based on–it’s a beautiful, simple, intimate story. The film is overblown and opulent in every way. So it’s worth watching, just don’t expect to be moved by the melodrama. I still need to see the 1955 version!

  3. Yesssssss, she’s wonderful, and so freakin’ gorgeous! And I love that you included Bride & Prejudice even though it’s not historical. It’s not only a ridiculously fun watch, it’s a really dang good update of P&P, too!

  4. The eastern Roman empire wasn’t noted for it’s female warriors. And it they’d had them they wouldn’t have dressed like that.

  5. The only one I’ve seen is Bride and Prejudice, and that was a hoot! I do want to see The Last Legion, and yes, scale mail is a real thing, seen more in the Eastern Empire, but not unknown in the west. It was particularly used by the heavy cavalry called cataphracti.

      1. Rai is gorgeous. I love Bride and Prejudice. The Mr. Collins is cringey and perfect! I’ll have to watch some of these others!!! I really think the sari is the most beautiful garment on earth.

  6. I have only seen Bride and Prejudice which I loved. I’ve been meaning to see others such as Umrao Jaan – the blue gown is beyond beautiful – and Jodhaa Akbar .

  7. Glad to see more actors of South Asian heritage out there in American and British films and telly. I’ve loved Archie Panjabi since she was a tomboyish young thing, and wish she’d do some costume roles, now that she’s in her 40s and very womanly.

  8. Devdas is like eye porn. Everything from the set to the costumes and music is gorgeous. Also, who doesn’t love Shah Rukh?

  9. Oh God, Aishwarya Rai is just sooo beautiful!!! She’s one of those women who are so beautiful that every time I see them I’m like, “Why do I even exist?” By default, my answer to your question has to be The Last Legion because it’s the only one I’ve seen. I thought it was a fun romp of a movie–definitely not an award-winner–but fun. The only part that made me roll my eyes was the reveal in final scene. Colin Firth was handsome as ever, and Aishwarya Rai was beautiful.

    Other notes: I’m so excited to see an Indian woman featured on Woman Crush Wednesday! I love the look of Indian clothes! My fave of the costumes pictured here is the stunning blue one from Devdas–wow!

  10. Jodhaa Akbar is in my top five films. It’s just so stunning- and hilarious, and sweet, with random action sequences- it’s got it all.
    Aishwarya Rai is fabulous. So glad she got a post!!

  11. I’ve never heard of this woman, but yeesh is she gorgeous! Looking at these pictures, I’m hard-pressed to say that she and I are the same species. Those incandescent eyes!

  12. Loved the first part of Bride and Prejudice, but after all the colour, dancing and music of Indian, the latter part seemed rather dull. Until the end when all the colour returns!

    1. If there is anyone on Earth who does glitzy, glamorous feminity to the Nth Degree it’s the ladies of the Subcontinent. If you ever want to lose an afternoon, just google ‘Indian brides” or “Pakistani brides.” Or even “Indian Mothers of the Bride,” etc. It’s delightful.

      1. The funny thing is,Paro(Aish in Devdas)in the original novel is so sick of her new life that she gives up dressing or putting on jewellery.The movie inaccurately goes on drowning her in jewels and lush fabrics.

  13. Insofar as that leather thing she’s wearing over her scale armour in The Last Legion resembles anything real-life at all, it’s the boiled-leather corsets worn by working-class British women in the later 17th and 19th centuries, except that it just doesn’t come high enough up the torso to do anything useful to the bosom: it’s neither supportive nor protective.

    Now, boiled leather does of course make relatively cheap and moderately protective armour. And heavy cavalry in the late Roman and Byzantine period did actually wear all-over chain mail or scale armour, including on the legs and arms (and even all over the horse), so that’s not in itself implausible. (Google ‘cataphract’ and you’ll get plenty of images and discussion.) But the notion of wearing cheap cheerful boiled leather armour OVER your lovely expensive scale armour is beyond stupid.

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