7 thoughts on “Things We May See in Poldark Series Two

  1. Well, an election plays a prominent role in the third book … hence the “embellishment” on George (my caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet).

    I also read somewhere that there is a new costume designer for series 2 … the Caroline character defintely paints the local Cornwall society as nowhere near London or high society standards.

    I can’t wait for Season 2. Sunday nights feel rather bereft these days.

  2. Yes, I am waiting for season 2. Maybe we should send these women Bobby pins. Or hire Bobby pin forgers and create a black market for them? *she says with a straight face while chuckling inside.
    Seriously though, hope the costumes are better than last season. Maybe they could rent ones from the Duchess and Notorious Lady S.

  3. A spokesperson for PBS have confirmed that the US will be getting Season 2 this year but cannot give us a definite date yet. We are hoping that it may even run quite close with the UK which recently happened with Granchester.

  4. The hot with the dress billowing out is really coot, but all the sand and water on the bottom part of it just makes me cringe.

  5. You might be onto something, Daniel. But all they would need is flowers in their hair to look almost Woodstockian. You know, peace, love, freedom, etc.

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