14 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Wedding Outfits, Ranked

  1. I love your number 1 pick, by far the prettiest of the lot! I know I’m in the minority but I HATED Mary’s first wedding dress, I found it incredibly matronly and boring.

    1. I wouldn’t say I “hated” Mary’s first wedding dress, but I certainly liked Edith’s first one better. Mary’s just seemed blah after all the buildup to her wedding to Matthew. And Edith’s was just beautiful in person when I saw it on exhibit.

    2. I also hated Mary’s first dress. It was somehow frumpy and dowdy, and reminds me of a toga party.

    3. I always thought Edith’s first dress was way better than Mary’s. Mary’s was totally on point for the era, but Edith’s showed her figure so much better.

  2. I love Rose’s Reception Gown! So gorgeous! Edith’s “real” wedding dress reminded me a bit of Kate’s dress when she married Prince William.

  3. Your ranking is similar to mine, except I would put Rose’s registry office highest above Anna’s, Mrs Hughes’ and Daisy’s, but below Mary’s second. My top three are definitely 1) Rose’s Reception Callot Soeurs similar dress; 2) Edith’s wedding to Bertie Hexham dress and 3) Mary’s wedding to Matthew dress.
    Finally, Edith is higher ranked than Mary.

  4. The problem with Lady Rose’s gown is that it’s not 1920s – it’s a c.1910 Edwardian gown, and it looks it. A stunning dress, but not very 1920s at all…it came from the fantastic Pennies Vintage, one of London’s best vintage dealers.

  5. I hated Edith’s second wedding dress. I don’t know if it’s the neckline, or the length of the sleeves, but there’s something about it that’s just really off for me.

  6. Rose’s reception gown
    Mary’s wedding to Matthew gown
    Edith’s cancelled wedding gown
    4-9: The rest

    Didn’t’ like Edith’s real wedding dress at all. I agree with Jillian. I think the neckline and sleeves are off, the veil is too short and the bouquet is overwhelming. It’s weird that with so many amazing costumes they did over the years, the DA costume designers laid quite a few wedding dress eggs.

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