18 thoughts on “Top Five Buddies in Frock Flicks

    1. Mr Rathbone is very, very good but I personally feel that Mr Jeremy Brett JUST inches him out in a photo finish – and it’s only fair to acknowledge that for Mr Brett himself Mr Rathbone was always THE Sherlock Holmes.

      1. This is Vasily Livanov erasure and I take much umbrage.

        (I actually think Brett is the best, but I do prefer Livanov to Rathbone.)

  1. Honourable mention to the Three Musketeers (and D’Artagnan): a list of frock flick buddies without Athos, Porthos, Aramis and their young protege just feels incomplete!

      1. I was going to reply with a further quote – because obviously in my head I think about W&I every day. Actually every day something about not being an expert on bulls or that we have failed to paint it black or that I will never play the Dane..
        But then you’d reply with further quality quotes – and really every line is quotable isn’t it? And so much of that film speaks to me of getting old, of lost friendships, of misplaced youth.
        And we’d occupy this message thread and get blocked, which would be awful and silly and.. and..
        The costumes are great too!

  2. Solo and Kuryakin (Man from U.N.C.L.E. , tv series…not the Guy Ritchie trash film)
    I mean, the iconic black turtleneck alone!

  3. A few years ago I saw a really cute movie called Dear Eleanor about two teens who travel across the country to meet Eleanor Roosevelt; those characters were called Max and Ellie. I’ll add them to this list. Also, I think we have to include Annie and Sandy–pets count as buddies!!!

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