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  1. Loved the Titus Pullo/Lucius Vorenus stories not just for the epic bromance but also for showing the non-patrician elements of Roman society – one of the few ways that Rome improved on I, Clavdivs. Took a while for it to sink in that the evil governator in RRR was played by the same actor!

  2. I know that King Arthur was not a “good” movie, but it was the first thing I saw him in, and he was so gentle and I was hooked. Black Sails on the whole is kinda meh, but he was good as Blackbeard. Played it with some depth instead of full on “arrgh me mateys, yo ho!” Rome, of course.

    1. I also first noticed Ray Stevenson in King Arthur. It was a great movie, but I thought it was a really FUN movie. Stevenson was wonderful in it. Also, he was soooo handsome–along with 99% of the male cast. (I think that’s where I first laid eyes on Mads Mikkelsen, too). Of course, my favorite Frock Flick role of Stevenson’s was Pullo. Requiescat In Pace.

      1. KING ARTHUR was a middling film, but it does have an extraordinarily high ‘That Guy!’ ratio (and in several cases seems to have pulled them into the ranks BEFORE they were Name Actors).

        I think Mr Ray Winstone and Mr Ion Gruffud were the only ones I actually knew on my first viewing.

  3. What?? No!!! Titus Pullo will live in KY heart forever. May the earth rest lightly on his bones.

    (This comment disappeared the first time I tried to post it, so sorry if I’m double or triple posting here)

  4. I haven’t seen any of these!😬 …but I’ve been slack about watching anything on TV or in theaters for decades now. (I sit around listening to classical music all the time instead.)
    “The Return of the Native” looks good (too much shoulder pad action on his 1840s frock coat tho’) And he looks good as Blackbeard.

    1. I’m making some gowns for the local ballet’s production of “Jane Eyre” (a lotta plot for a ballet IMHO, but y’know, knock yourself out!) so I’ve got the 1840s on the brain. (I know it actually takes place earlier, but, like “Wuthering Heights”, they will do it in the 1840s) You guys rating for “Jane Eyre” productions of like “4 governesses wandering the moors” had me thinking: “Jesus, there’re so many unrequited lovers wandering the moors it’s positively crowded!” It’d be a funny bit if they all kept running into each other. “Oh, hey Cathy, it’s Jane. Have you seen Eustasia lately?” 🤪

      1. I’d love a meta story where they all meet out on the moors, gang up, & decide ‘forget about Heathcliff, Rochester, et al, let’s party!’ Kind of like the musical Six…

  5. Titus Pullo!!! We ended up watching Black Sails because we were watching Rome for the nth time and wondered, “Ray Stevenson is so good. What else is he in?” Thank you for the run-down of his costume work–I saw Return of the Native when it aired on TV in ’94 (first sighting of Catherine Zeta Jones–remember thinking, who is that amazing looking woman?), but didn’t remember that he was in it. Stevenson had one of the most beautiful speaking voices on TV. Far too young to go.

  6. Wasn’t he also in the crazy Three Musketeers with the flying ships and Milla Jovovich? Or am I out of my mind?

    1. He was Porthos, only his wasn’t the usually boozy ladies man but more of a straight up brawler in that version.

  7. I am, for some reason, deeply amused that Mr Stevenson showed up in two Catherine Cookson adaptions: my vague impression was that most actors were ‘One and done’ though I’m only passingly acquainted with the franchise.

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