15 thoughts on “Top Five Bow Ties in Period Flicks

  1. Not a movie, but an episode from the Poirot series had him standing in front of a mirror, tying his bowtie. It was AWESOME.

  2. More on bowties rather than film … my sweetie oft quotes someone (I forget who) who said that “bowties are the Republican’s nose ring” … that is a way to sartorially stand out, yet still fit the accepted fashions of your chosen social set.

    1. I think he’s literally the hottest, maybe…person, in that mini-series. I had a mega crush on him for a loooong time after watching that.

  3. I’m sorry but I’ve been looking for the name of the second dude in the Downton Abbey photo for like 15 mins and googling “Hot Guy Downton Abbey” didn’t remotely help (as in, showing me MANY photos of attractive men but not the one I’m searching for :s) WHO IS THAT???

    1. In the first Downton Abbey photo, the gentlemen are (from left to right) Douglas Reith as Lord Merton, Ed Cooper Clarke as Tim Grey, Hugh Bonneville as Robert, Earl of Grantham and Matt Barber as Atticus. Ed Cooper Clarke was only in the one episode.

  4. When I saw the topic, I immediately thought of Bertie Wooster. And Jeeves is always there to make sure the tie is unexceptionable, and to pry it away from Bertie if it’s not up to his high standards!

    Also great to see Indiana Jones in there. Archaeologists rock. (I haven’t see too many of them wearing a bow tie in the classroom, but maybe that’s a 1930s thing? Chemists, on the other hand…)

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: gawd, nobody smoulders like Richard Armitage. Nnnnngggggg………

    And bowties are cool. There, I said it; and am only surprised I’m the first one (or is it so horribly hackneyed now?)

  6. How about Mr. Don Cheadle in Boardwalk Empire, there were plenty of styling fellas in that series, but he wore at bow tie quite well.

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