5 thoughts on “MCM: Historical Costume Dudes Taking Baths

  1. Love the Colin Firth from Pride and Prejudice. Also Room with a View & Original Sin.

  2. My fav is still all the naked dudes bathing in Much Ado About Nothing – Kenneth Branagh, Denzel Washington, Robert Sean Leonard. Yumm! The ladies get their own shower scene too! ;)

  3. A couple of movies to mention:

    The Hallelujah Trail (1965) 19th C. cavalry officer Burt Lancaster is frequently interrupted while in his bath tub.

    The Hour of the Pig/The Advocate (1993) Lawyer Colin Firth and priest Ian Holm in a mixed public bath house in 1452 Abbeville.

  4. Maverick, with James Garner and Mel Gibson in side-by-side tubs after out-conning con Jodi Foster.

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