8 thoughts on “Top 5 Regency Gowns

  1. Besides Bridgerton, I loved Jenny Beavan Sense and Sensibility costumes especially the wealthy woman’s ballgown that Willoughby marries. And Margaret’s Chemise de la Reine with ribbon sash. Harriet Walter’s is also stylish. And who can forget Isabella Rossilini in Immortal Beloved?

  2. I’ve mentioned this in a few of Tristan’s other posts and I’ll repeat it here. The goth style regency outfits are gorgeous and I’d like to wear some.

  3. About 75% of Caroline Bingley’s wardrobe in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice. So much sari fabric, but so many colors!

  4. These are all fun dresses–some are even great! Mira Nair’s version of Vanity Fair is absolutely gorgeous!! I’d like to see Fanny Dashwood’s dress in something other than black. Although if I remember correctly, those pics are when the fam’s in mourning for Mr. Dashwood and she’s salivating on the wealth her husband has inherited.

    1. Yes, she’s being very correct and wearing black for mourning, but of course she can afford top-notch mourning clothes and it definitely shows.

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