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  1. Okay, I totally don’t want to be that person who says HEY THERE, DO MORE WORK ON THIS THING YOU ALREADY DO TONS OF WORK ON FOR LIKE NO MONEY AT ALL! That said, it would be wonderful to see you post about Gosford Park some day. I agree that the film is so damn good as I recall the use of garments, hair, etc. to establish character, particularly of course above stairs but even in some downstairs moments, is so interesting.

  2. Having a complicated week (trying to get to England to see my daughter for the first time in two years–shaking with nerves and anticipation), but had to briefly say what a great thread this is. Where would we be without beautiful and authentic things? Thanks.

  3. The only thing to watch in Alexander is the scene where Alexander and his captains are being entertained by the maidens of some Persian(?) mountain kingdom who are doing an AMAY-ZING whirling dervishy type dance with incredible red and blingy costumes and… ENTER Roxanne (Rosario Dawson).

    (well, also some might get a thrill out of Angelina Jolie vamping the hell out her role as the Macedonian Queen Olympias, who has an access none of the others in Phillip’s court have, has great style and a thing for snakes).

    1. who has an access none of the others in Phillip’s court have

      an accent* none of the others…

  4. are you sure you can cover The Rainbow?
    I know there’s a twitch factor re: Paul McGann among the Frockery….

  5. Gosford Park was completely ruined for me because I know the dates of historic events and the film itself has a specific date. The costumes, the acting, everything didn’t overcome my WTF reaction when I started composing a timeline.

  6. the “well, he’s Chinese so that’s sort of like he’s Thai, right?” casting of Chow Yun-Fat

    Yeah, they really should’ve cast a Thai actor.

    That said, it should be remembered that Chow Yun-Fat was a HUGE star in HK films and had a following in the U.S. as a result of those films turning up on video– and he was being groomed for “breakout” U.S. stardom at that point.

    This was more an attempt to showcase him in something other than an action film, rather than “Thai, Chinese– whatever.”

    Absolutely gorgeous costumes in this post, though.

  7. Whoa!! I never heard of Stephen Miles–but I LOVE all the films on this list that I’ve seen–and I’m salivating over the pics from the ones I haven’t. Truly talented, indeed. Now, I’m off to turn that pic of Paul McGann into a life-sized poster!!

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