16 thoughts on “Top 5 Pop Stars in Frock Flicks

  1. It is true about Bowie. After he left to return to his home dimension, our reality started to crumble at an exponential rate.

  2. Bowie could do it all. The world is a sadder place without him and Freddy. Cher is amazing in Tea with Mussolini and Madonna was Evita. Only wished Me LuPone could have done the movie.

  3. Cher’s wardrobe in Tea with Mussolini deserves to be up there in the Cinematic Sartorial Wardrobe Pantheon Rosalind Russell’s Mame, Vivien Leigh Scarlet O’Hara and Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia. It’s just that good.

    1. If I could get the movie on digital, I’d screencap it & do a full review! I can find it on DVD but I don’t currently have a player I can connect to my computer (just moved & lost some tech tools I had access to in my old house).

  4. Wasn’t David Bowie also in The Prestige? Fantastical I know, but very much a period film. It wasn’t a flashy role, though.

  5. I’m still sitting here waiting for when Lady Gaga eventually does something set in the 40’s. Given her collaborations with Tony Bennett, I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time.

    1. I know it’s a bad series, but Lady Gaga did a season of AHS:Hotel where she did do flashbacks to the 30’s and 40’s. She is made to wear those fashions.

  6. I didn’t recognize which film the David Bowie picture was from (and I want to hunt it down.)

  7. I refuse to believe David Bowie is dead. He is a vampire, and he had to fake his death so as not to break the Masquerade….😉

  8. I actually REALLY like Madonna in Evita. I think she did a better job than the actress who just headlined the Broadway revival a few years back!

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