19 thoughts on “Top 5 Journalists Who Need Movies Made About Them

  1. what about annie besant, the woman who exposed the horrendous working conditions of the london matchgirls in 1888, one of the frist strikes which lead to the foundation of the trade union movement

  2. I’m a journalist, and this post has me so happy right now <3

    Thank you for writing this!

  3. There’s also Clare Hollingworth who scooped the outbreak of World War II and the invasion of Poland and later reported extensively in the Middle East. She also helped save thousands of Jews in the month up to the outbreak of war by helping organise visas.

  4. Loreena Hickock friend, confident and lover (?) of Eleanor Roosevelt.

  5. Wow, I love learning about these women! How awesome it would be to see them in film.

    1. Is anyone else bothered by that photo of Anne Newport Royall? Looks more like a silent film star playing old-time dress-up with a calash rather than an early Victorian woman.

  6. Three Idas and an Idar…. sounds like the title of an amazing hijinksy caper movie about some badass lady journalists!

    I wonder if Natalie Wood’s character in The Great Race was meant to be based on or a parody of one of these women…..

  7. You’ve shown me a few new women to learn about! And you’re right, each of them would make an amazing film!

  8. If you are including photojournalists, then Margaret Bourke White (aka Maggie the indestructible). She covered the USSR in the 30s, WWII (it amazes me that she survived the war given her adventures) and the concentration camps, and the India-Pakistan partition violence.

  9. Definitely need a good movie about Dorothy Kilgallen. Underneath the fluff of her Broadway column, she was an astonishingly accomplished reporter. She had the mind of a prosecutor, aggressive sexual appetites, and never let up on a lead, once she sank her teeth in. She led the way in ensuring the overturning of Sam Sheppard’s murder conviction, she was hot on the trail of the JFK assassination, and was the only reporter to score an interview with Jack Ruby before he was killed. She died in 1965 under extremely mysterious circumstances, a key file disappeared, and the investigation was squashed. Fifty years later, it’s been reopened as a homicide.

    It’s weird. Say her name to anyone age 70 and above, and they all nod knowingly. They all know who she was…a household name. Now…nobody’s heard of her.

    She deserved better.

    1. I agree. I was only familiar with Ms. Kilgallen from the TV panel show What’s My Line. I only learned recently about her investigative reporting career and the mystery surrounding her death. She sounds like an amazing and accomplished woman.

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