6 thoughts on “The New Look (2024), Episode 1

  1. I think that I might have been expecting something a bit fluffier. I’ve only seen the first episode so far, and there were bits that were emotionally intense to view. Of course, the period clothing and some of the upscale locations are exquisite, so the eye candy that induced me to watch is definitely accounted for. I think I have to steel myself for the depictions of wartime trauma before I watch the rest of the episodes. I saw the Dior exhibit in London, and have been following Maria Grazia Chiuri’s trajectory as creative director of Dior, but I really hadn’t given any thought to the namesake founder of the house. After watching the first episode, I had to do a little quick internet reading.

  2. So intense! I’ve only seen one episode, I’ll have to space them out. I’ve always been a huge Dior fan, this will definitely be food for thought!

  3. This sounds more akin to “Phantom Thread.”; I’ll definitely see it.

    Various distinguished French cultural figures collaborated to some extent, such as Colette (in order to protect her Jewish husband, and because she was pretty apolitical in general) and Maurice Chevalier (a somewhat similar situation).

  4. The show fudges the timeline a bit in regards to Chanel. She met Spatz long before her brother was released from a Nazi POW camp. She also closed her couture house in 1939, not because she didn’t want to dress Nazi wives, but because she wanted to punish her workers who had gone on strike three years prior. I also saw the Dior show in London and New York. They did mention that his sister had worked for the Resistance and been in Ravensbruck but not that he had worked for Lucien LeLong during the war. I’m reading Justine Picardie’s biography Miss Dior at the moment.

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