6 thoughts on “The Great – Recap Episodes 3 & 4

  1. Peter’s wigs are really gorgeous.
    I think the imperial robe worn by Catherine has a very inaccurate bodice silhouette.Most of the extant examples show that the centre had a protruding busk,much like what she wore in the previous episode.Those sleeves were certainly meant to mimic the ruched sleeves,but I feel they are from a later period.It seems like they misinterpreted the ermine lined blue velvet cape thrown on one shoulder in royal portraits(was it really fashionable,or just an artistic pose to appear delicate?It comes up in so many portraits).
    One thing that this show does get right,have your 18th century ensembles entirely in one fabric.Many shows make the actors wear pastel gowns with floral stomachers and petticoats(a gorgeous look to be honest)but even the extant examples show that the wealthy people had different petticoats and stomachers for their ensembles.Mostly jewelled stomachers were recycled.Atleast nobles would have splurged on clothing.Not that this show is trying for accuracy.

  2. Wonder if the ikat suit is a reference to Uzbek silk ikat (though the suit is much less colorful and Uzbekistan wouldn’t have been part of the Russian empire at the time).

  3. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get the dress/curtain thing at first. I had to rewind and pause to see what was going on! Haha.

  4. Was there more to the tent/dress joke than “hahaha I made you dress like the curtains”?

    1. Maybe the joke is that the garment is cheap enough to make a tent with it. So the lady was so proud of her dress given by the queen, but in fact, it was the cheapest dress in the world (or it was perceived as such)

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