8 thoughts on “The Essex Serpent (2022)

  1. It’s been a long time since I read the book but I remember thinking it was a bit of a slog. Not enough that I put it down unfinished, but I kinda had to push myself to finish it. This review tells me not to bother w/ the tv series, not even for the costumes.

  2. What’s with the peroxide blonde hair? It’s so….. distracting. Is peroxide blonde an historical thing? I have no idea…… but it looks terrible on Claire.

  3. Cora’s low-spirited uncorsetted breasts come into so much attention on half of screenshots. Doesn’t look as if they cared about silhouette much, spoils the fit of rather decent tops(

  4. I’m interested in what people thought of her trousers and hat “rugged palaeontologist” look. I liked it visually but it seemed very anachronistic?

  5. I agree about Clare’s hair color…mine came out that shade once in an especially bad dye job…yikes

  6. Heart surgery in the 1890s?
    In fairness there was some pushback against the conventions of formal mourning in the 1890s. But if Cora was one of those people she’d have refused to wear black at all.

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