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  1. I absolutely adored The English and was deeply disappointed when it wasn’t nominated for anything. I loved how the supporting characters were fleshed out, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I grew to love the unconventional romance between Lady Cornelia and Eli/Wounded Wolf. I so wanted them to have their happy ending… but alas, that’s not how life works.

    Props to the series for illustrating how First Nations/Native Americans had to compromise their values and lifestyle in order to survive. This is really a dog-eat-dog world, so you adapt or die.

    I’m also not a fan of Westerns. But this is not a stereotypical Western by any stretch. If you’re on the fence, watch it for the brilliant acting, storyline, characters, and the sheer will propelling Lady Cornelia and Eli/Wounded Wolf forward. The costumes and the unconventional love story are just unexpected gems. Overall, a well done series.

  2. I enjoyed it, but doubt I will ever watch it again. I LOVED Eli as a character. “Not my business.” But I did not like the ending. It felt deeply unsatisfying to me.

    1. Agreed.

      My issue with the ending was they had a bond that was fierce and neither cared for society’s rules. It didn’t make sense for them to part. The US was so large they could have disappeared easily.

      What was your issue?

      1. Don’t want to give anything away, but think about her “situation” and how she lost her son. She couldn’t be fully present for a real life with Eli. She had to set him free.

        1. I get that. But he fully accepted her and I think he would have continued to do so. They both needed human connection and both fit the bill to perfection. So why not continue to do that?

          1. I agree. Maybe she couldn’t have been a traditional type of female companion, but they could’ve been companions nonetheless. Spoiler Had I been her I wouldn’t have given him up for anything in the world. Why go back to England? It’s not like a stellar life awaited her there either.

            1. That’s my feeling exactly. She also accepted him and that’s something he would also struggle with since he has been a US Army Scout and was accused of siding with the enemy and betraying his people. They both bridged two worlds and didn’t fit in entirely in either. That relationship is/was beautiful.

      2. I felt they built up the romance and made me root for it, and then ruined it with the big reveal that she has THAT particular disease, so neither of them can ever be happy together, and then they just inexplicably parted and we end on a depressing note of years later, her being ravaged by the disease. Don’t make me sit through all that angst without a happy ending on the other side of it.

    1. You seriously won’t regret it. Most First Nations/Native Americans get poorly written roles and this ain’t it. I think Chaske Spencer was finally given a part he could shine, and shine he did. His performance was brilliant. (not knocking anyone else but most of the other actors and actresses are well known for their body of work and I think a lot of First Nations/Native Americans don’t get the same opportunity based on poorly written parts for them).

      Also, you know how they say ‘there are no small parts’? This series really means it. Supporting characters are fleshed out and help develop the story. It can be a bit maddening sometimes because once Lady Cornelia and Eli hook you, it’s tough to not want to see them on screen. But the side stories are complex and rich.

  3. The attire Wounded Wolf is wearing in the standing photo looks a lot like regalia I’ve seen at powwows.

    1. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wanted to make sure everything looked as authentic as could be — especially all the First Nations’/Native Americans’ roles.

      Chaske stated he went and talked to war veterans with PTSD because he felt that Eli (the name Wounded Dog is one that isn’t used often and even Eli calls himself Eli) had PTSD. Chaske also went to the Pawnee Nation, so that aspect was also as accurate as he could make it. He feels a great responsibility

      Overall, the depth of research really shows.

  4. I simply must see this show now. I am reminded of the well researched and beautuful Native American dress from later seasons on Outlander. I am pleased as punch to see the authenticity.

    And I must say, I am in love with several of Emily’s outfits and pieces including the hats and the sheer sleeves on that blue frock.

  5. As someone who does early 1880’s Indigenous Steampunk cosplay, I am SO in love with the two flashback hats! (The one Emily wears at the beginning is damn nice too, just not as much my thing).

    (BTW, the skirt in the archery outfit looks remarkably as though it was made from Burda 7880, a pattern for an early 1880’s style skirt & jacket which has been used and adapted by cosplayers worldwide. The drapery and overskirt shown side on in that photo are very familiar to me as I’m adapting the pattern for an evening outfit to wear to a wedding later this year)

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