3 thoughts on “TBT: Widows’ Peak (1994)

  1. Isn’t that Adrian Dunbar squiring Edwina-the-seductress in several of those pics? Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey!

  2. I remember watching this a few years ago and enjoying myself, but now I remember almost none of the plot. It must be time for a rewatch!

  3. Ooooh…thanks for this post! I haven’t seen this movie, and I had totally forgotten about it! It looks absolutely gorgeous, and the actresses in it are amazing. I know it’s going to be good! A few months ago, I finally watched Enchanted April and since then have longed to watch the 90s-made women’s movie from around that era. I finally tracked down a used copy of Tea with Mussolini (which I’d wanted to see for forever). I think Widow’s Peak I’ll watch Widow’s Peak after I finish Tea… Thanks again!!

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