10 thoughts on “Consolata Boyle: The Frock Flicks Guide

  1. Cheri is my absolute favourite Consolata Boyle movie. It’s Art Nouveau which isone my happy places. The clothes are TDF. And it has Rupert Friend (Pre The Young Victoria), Michelle Pfeiffer and Kathy Bates. Oh and the ingenue is Felicity Jones.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of these. I wanted to love The Winslow Boy more than I did. Seems like the director failed to realize he could translate the play into a film and add scenes — like courtroom scenes. Or maybe I just wanted to see more of Jeremy Northam in his absolutely GORGEOUS coats. (I said, at the time, “Oh, I would love to get my hands on that coat!” And my mother looked at me slyly and said, “It’s what’s in the coat you’d like to get your hands on.” LOL)

  3. Testament of Youth was so well done on the costumes. They saved a rather lackluster movie (and I hate saying that because I thought Kit was really good in it).

    1. The original version was much better, imo and truer to real life story. I found it on Youtube.

  4. I saw Anne Devlin at the NFT in 1984. it’s a very fine film about a true heroine, but I don’t think it ever got a general release in the UK – not enough spectacle and action, I suspect. I’m pretty sure that uniform jacket is a hired theatrical costume; it was clearly made to be a French Napoleonic light cavalry officer. So, right date, wrong army! Also, wrong function – the character played by Ian McElhinney is Major Sirr, the Town Major (effectively, police chief) of Dublin. I don’t know if this appointment went with any official uniform, but if it did, I doubt it would have been light-cavalry-style!

    Troubles was Sean Bean’s first major role on British TV. I thought at the time that he was (a) a damn fine actor and (b) really sexy. His character was a nasty-but-not-consistently-unsympathetic Black-and-Tan officer: I’ve always thought Bean is better and more interesting at playing bad or equivocal characters than as an all-out hero.

  5. This version of A Lion in Winter is one of my go to watches, I bloody luvs it. Costumes, portrayal, everything. And as JRM is playing Skeezy Philip of France, he fits!

  6. I saw that version of Miss Julie, performances are excellent but the story is horribly depressing. Great costumes and sets, though.

  7. First of all, all of these look gorgeous. Even though the costumes are fabulous, I just can’t get over Morgan Freeman in that wig. Oh Lord!! But in answer to your question, my fave of these is Victoria and Abdul. I watched about 5 minutes of Miss Julie and just couldn’t stand it (and I would watch Colin Farrell in practically anything). Cheri has been on my To Watch list for years and I never heard of the update of A Lion and Winter–so those two are definitely going into rotation soon. Let’s also give Pete Postlethwaite some love and name recognition from his pics in Serpent’s Kiss. 90s era Greta Scacchi was near the top of my list of beauty goals. Re Jeremy Northam…in a coat..out of coa…it’s all good!!! And the vintage Sean Bean pic…yes!

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