6 thoughts on “MCM: Michael Gambon

  1. Hands down, Squire Hamley in ‘Wives and Daughters’. The bewildered, overwhelming grief on his face when Mrs Hamley died was one of the most exquisite moments in acting that I have ever seen. A wonderful actor.

    1. Oh yes – he was so wonderful in that role. Bluff English squire could have been a cliche- but not in his hands.

  2. The Gaskell roles. His scenes – even in silence – with Judi Dench in Cranford were examples of a master’s class in acting.

  3. I’ve never seen The Borderers, but I have to say “hmm hello Gavin Ker!😄”. Just shows we were all young once!! Didn’t Ralph Richardson call him “the Great Gambon”?

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