14 thoughts on “TBT: The White Queen (2013), Ep. 3

  1. The costumes really are crap, but I gotta say, Jacquetta is a freaking legend in this show. She was, hands down, my favorite character (other than Margaret Beaufort; I put aside my rage over their snotty-bitch depiction of her because it’s just so damn entertaining!).

  2. I give a shit on these things as well – you are not alone! Great points all round; everything just looks a little off, unfitted and lacking research and/or any real design. You are totally spot-on in the fact that those are basically 18th Century ‘fall front’ breeches, only in really odd fabric. They look like they were made for some sort of sporting event… maybe racing car driving? Maybe I only say that as they look like they were crafted from some sort of car upholstery. Also, how are you supposed to wee in/out of those things? The flap is way to high! I am also bugged by Jacquetta’s ‘Princess Leia buns’. I am really not sure why they thought that they were a good idea… they are not particularly period and they do nothing for the actress. Bah. Right, rant over. lol. Massive thanks for the post.

  3. Will Aneurin Barnard forever be “Frodo”? I get it, but he’s just such a cutie, and he can sing. I have a soft spot for Welshmen (it was my semester abroad), and Tolkien’s Frodo just isn’t a dateable figure. I’m a big Tolkien nerd, but he was very straitlaced about that aspect of his characters.

    I realize this isn’t a real issue, and I’m very much enjoying the hate watching of a PFG series on WTF Starz.

    1. Some years ago I wrote the basis of the TV Tropes page for this series. After putting in as many entries as I thought important I essentially abandoned it. Months later I returned to find that another editor had added a great many fawning list items relating to Richard & Anne, including a detailed description of their wedding night scene.

        1. I was a teen when the series came out, I was pretty into the Richard & Anne ship that was surprisingly strong online back then, mostly because I thought Aneurin was cute (even though I laughed at the Frodo joke, I still think he still is, but he aged so little that I thought he was a bit too youthful for my taste now when I watched him in 1899), but the story about the shipper on TV Tropes had me in stitches here lol To be fair, compared to all the rest in the series it was one of the best relationships indeed.

  4. What is with the anachronistic trousers instead of hose? Fifteenth century men, especially hunks like Edward IV, loved to show off their legs to the appreciative ladies. If your legs couldn’t take exposure you wore long gowns.
    Why is Margaret Beaufort, the richest heiress in England, dressing like a church mouse?

    1. That would be due to the show (and the novels) generally characterising her as Lord High Inquisitor-in-waiting (or, more accurately, as intensely religious lady to the point of being almost as devoted to the Church as she is to the Glorious Cause of Lancaster-come-Tudor).

      The show’s interpretation is, in fact, quite delightfully worrisome in her intensity (her proud declaration that she has “saint’s knees” is a glory to behold).

        1. If one wishes sober history, it might be wiser to look for it in a documentary instead of a drama! (-;

  5. Aneurin Banard is gorgeous but his Richard III hair is sad. No wonder Henry VI overthrew him. He needed better hair (yeah, I know Henry had the same hair- he just wore it better).

    1. Well Henry VIII had to get his gift for Looks from somewhere, so it could very well have been dear old Dad (aka King Henry VII).

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