19 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All March

  1. Have you seen „The Law according to Lidia Poët“? It is inspired by the life of Italy‘s first female lawyer. The story is quite predictable, but the costumes are very nice – and they used hairpins AND hats!!

    1. I quite enjoyed it too! The costumes are nice although maybe 15 years forward vs the years it is supposed to take place in. The main actress is well cast despite her eyeliner ;)

  2. I got a bad haircut and now must wear a hat for at least two weeks. :P

    Beyond that, Sandition is returning for its final season. GIVE CHARLOTTE A HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

    1. The lack of hairpins bothers me to no end! I never really got invested.

  3. The new Perry Mason season starts March 6. I hope it’s as good as the first one!

  4. I’ve never really been interested in Perry Mason. (Grandmother used to watch them way back when I was just a tot) but placing it in its original 1930s setting now has me intrigued. There are 6 Warner Bros films that came out as the books came out in the 30s. They might be fun.

  5. I’ve never seen any version of Perry Mason, but the house I was born in had a Perry Mason Spot that features in family lore.

  6. this is random, but i am a junior in college and have been following ur blog since sophomore year of hs. I love u guys!! such a niche thing but im so happy i found u guys to bitch and complain with regarding historical costume inaccuracies hahah. i always point them out when my mom and i watch period dramas, u guys r awesome!!

  7. Just here to say that I finally got to see The Woman King (on an airplane no less) and wooow it is amazing! Women warriors in Africa! Female friendship! Every single scene passes the Bechdel Test. Gorgeous Brazilian men (okay, one of them is evil). John Boydega demonstrating that the Star Wars folks had no absolutely no idea what he was capable of. And the stunning costumes on his favorite wife! Clearly inspired by Braveheart and Gladiator, in positive and negative ways. I want more like this and I want it now.

      1. Has anyone watched the wonderful Mrs Harris Goes to Paris? It was fantastic!

  8. Pink Ladies is coming April 6 on Paramount! They were the only characters who didn’t make me groan in Grease! Sandy is the most boring, saccharine character in Grease, Patty Simcox is only marginally worse than her!

  9. Waiting for the release of the Bridgerton prequel, about Queen Charlotte. I hope it’s as enjoyable as the rest of the show so far. The trailers look fun.

  10. The final Season of Riverdale airs March 29. The costumes are 50s. To my knowledge they look pretty good.

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