6 thoughts on “TBT: The Great Train Robbery (1978)

  1. Connery’s hat is more than nice: it’s certainly made of real silk hatter’s plush, which hasn’t been made since the 1970s – by the time that film was made it hadn’t been woven in the UK for a couple of decades. The last firm in the world that made it, in Lyons (for centuries the centre of French silk production), was ruined when it was inherited by one of two brothers whose sibling was so jealous he smashed the special looms. A silk plush hat is as delectable to stroke as a cat, with the plus that it won’t unexpectedly scratch you.

  2. I actually love this film and the film poster is one of my favourite. But Lesley-Anne Down is one of my very favourite actresses so that might explain it.

  3. A hairy chest I can take or leave, but a Scottish accent like Sean Connery’s, always.

  4. If I remember correctly, ‘Princess Anne’ was being courted by Sean Connery’s character because her father had hidden a key the gang needed and the aforesaid criminal genius was looking for intelligence on the thing’s whereabouts (Possibly access to the location as well).

    One also got a vague impression that the stepmother of ‘Princess Anne’ was actually sounding Connery’s character out – checking to see if he was a rogue & a scoundrel taking advantage of her stepdaughter – rather than genuinely interested in some ‘extracurricular activity’ (Connery or no Connery).

    Also, you are more unkind to poor Mr Sutherland, who looks far better in period rig than Mr Connery and his little toupee. (-;

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