14 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Goes 18th Century

  1. I totally forgive you. Honestly, I have to because my Baby Orchid is a YUGE Swifty and I would get disowned otherwise. lol 😉

    This is a fun romp of a video. I was thrilled to see Dita. Personally, I now want my fairly godmother to look like that.

  2. Yikes lol I thought Frock Flicks was my safe “no chance of a TS-sighting” space …guess no place is safe after all.

  3. I love this video lol. I know it’s not the perfect historically accurate recreation of the 18th century BUT I had fun – and I like that in the end she takes the prize and ditches the prince haha.

  4. I love the sleek outfit at the beginning (personal taste) but I enjoyed the video as a fun romp. I fully support taking the castle while leaving the prince.

  5. I love the original Pompadour colors and would wear the crap out of that. Of course, the kids on my bus might look at me a little strangely… :)

  6. In the shots of the yellow francaise, it appears Taylor Swift has introduced a new twist to the ever-popular “head necklace”– “head dress clips.”

  7. I got mad first time I saw it because Dita is in it and it misrepresents my beloved burlesque (yet again) as something skinny white girls in crystal encrusted corsets do with their clothes on, when it’s a radical, hilarious, inclusive form which all shapes, sizes, genders, colours, abilities and ages participate in and get their clothes OFF.
    But, having seen it again because of this, I will put this aside and it was FUN. And yes I like the song. I also like anti-hero. I like a fair bit of this album. And I am trying not to diss Taytay just because it’s her. Hating on our women artists is something I’m really trying not to do.

  8. Poor Taylor is also the victim of beachy waves with her yellow francaise! Hey, that rhymed!

  9. I’m all about ditching a shitty prince and keeping the castle with dragons. I was waiting for the castle to have many cats, but dragons are very close.

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