6 thoughts on “MCM: Simon Jones

  1. Such a gorgeous British face, in youth and old age. He and his wife were friends with some of my family; my mother used to tell me how sweet that Simon Jones was.

  2. I just recently watched Brideshead Revisted for the first time- quite enjoyed it!- and when Simon Jones first came on the screen I recognized him from somewhere, but it took me a bit to place him: He was in the 90’s version of Miracle on 34th Street as the mom’s boss and the guy who takes them to the “catalogue house” at the end. Small part but I remembered him distinctly! He’s great!

  3. Julian Fellowes demoted him – from King to Butler.
    THE Arthur Dent – I believe on the radio play as well.

  4. He looks totally different from his youth thru mature years. It’s time for a Brideshead re-watch. Thanks for this MCM.

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