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  1. Y’know, I’ve finally made my peace with “Outlander” because I realized what it really is: This is Starz attempt to cash in on what HBO did with “Game of Thrones.” Starz saw GoT & realized, whoa, there’s some good money to be made in a fantasy book series show (with a nod to history thrown in) that is totally open-ended because the author is still writing the books. Better yet, Starz picked a series that has more appeal to women & an even more prized 18-35 year old demographic, which is a far more juicy marketing segment than the more male-skewing geeky demo that GoT draws.

    Just like “Game of Thrones” goes for a vaguely medieval world but with dragons & magic, brutal violence & bare boobs, “Outlander” goes for a skewed version of 18th-c. Scotland with time-traveling & witchery, manly legs in kilts & independent womenfolk. GoT is HBO aiming at men for a moment (bec. they had a decade of female audiences with “Sex in the City,” & a bit of everyone with “The Sopranos”), & “Outlander” is Starz reeling in the ladies (bec. Starz needs a big hit sometime; so far, all it’s had is “Spartacus” & “Torchwood: Miracle Day”).

    It’s all marketing!

    1. I think you’re right, Trystan, from the point of view of Starz. I do think that the producers of the show (namely Ron Moore and Terry) are wanting to tell the story of Outlander — which isn’t history, it’s historical fiction. So yes, it may have a skewed vision of 18th century Scotland, simply because it’s starting from the premise of a “modern” 20th century woman living in the 18th century! So yeah, fiction, not documentary. I’m just glad that the show is doing well, because 1) I love the story (from the books), 2) I’m really liking the show, and 3) they are at least trying to evoke a historical look, even if it’s not perfect (they’re NOT in prom dresses, or neon spandex, or painted blue with woad, or whatever).

    1. Me too! Just finished the first book, and I think I’m going to wait to start on Dragonfly after the first series is over next spring. Don’t want to get TOO far ahead!

  2. So glad to hear that the dress wasn’t originally designed to be as low cut as it finally appears in the episode. It kind of ruined the moment and the dress for me, all I could think was how uncomfortable I would have been getting married in it, especially in those circumstances with wedding guests comprised of slightly hostile highland fellas! I found it hard to believe the costume designer had made that choice for the wedding dress (especially since up to that point I had loved all the costumes), so it pleases me immensely to know that it was not designed that way.

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