5 thoughts on “Outlander Costume Recap: Season 2, Episode 12

  1. I can imagine Claire telling BJR that his dying brother wants this ever so much. This is that Mary be given the Randall name as she’s carrying the future (preggers).

    For all his sado-masochistic heart, BJR really wuvs his wittle brother, Alexander (shades of Princess Bride Bishop.) So he does, knowing that he will also die.

    The episode was one really big Kleenex box as I had tears watching both death scenes.

    But I’m glad that Mary Hawkins has matured in a good way. I feel that her dress in this episode reflected her maturity.

    Re hot factor of villains. I agree that BJR is hot, but Dougal is hotter. Has to be his bald head and his air of command.

      1. You can have Dougal, if I can have Yul. But I agree, there’s something about a bald head and a man with such an aura of power.

  2. Not sure I liked that post-death pounding BJR gave his little brother. Seemed… weird. Even out of character, a bit. I get that he was all angst-ridden and full of rage that the only person he’s ever cared about or been nice to had the gall to die on him, but still.

    LOVED the chat Claire had with him about Mary, though, because he basically voiced what has been going through my head for WEEKS: *lists his crimes* “Do you REALLY want Mary in my bed?”

    Me/Claire/Entire World: NOPE.

  3. BPC is wearing argyle socks, not tartan :) Sorry, I had to share!

    Also, I LOVE the phrase, “puts the b in subtle.” I am going to steal that one…

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