17 thoughts on “Is Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries (2019) a Worthy Successor?

  1. I’ve only seen the preview so far but I thought I saw pale blue nail polish–we didn’t have that in the 60s. Maybe it was some kind of plot thing, but still….

    1. Wouldn’t it depend regionally? I seem to have found that people in rural areas dressed differently and had less access to things like that. I mean, both greenish yellow nail polish and black nail polish had a moment in the early 1930s, but it probably was only worn in urban areas or by trendy women. My mom talks about her white lipstick in the 1960s, but she grew up outside NYC.

    2. I find I have to be really careful about “didn’t have X” when talking about what was available during our time on this earth—I know a lot of things weren’t available to me, nor did I hear of them, in the mid- and late-1990s when I was a teenager, but things like Law & Order from that time remind me that they were available in other places (internet, cell phones, certain fashion trends. When I learned purple and black nail polishes and lipsticks were a thing I was over the moon, but behind the trend).

    3. Yes we did have pale blue nail polish and all the other colors including black and white!! I wore it all on my very own real 3/4” long nails. Juliette Marglen was the first to come out with these daring colors.😃

      1. Oh how cool! I did a google search of her and found a image of a hand of multicolored nails (and hair!) from a 1959 Harpers Bazar. NEAT.

    4. My grandmother told me she was never into nail polish but as early as the 40’s she had a friend who would wear green, blue and yellow nail polish to match her dresses after asking her about a 40’s nail polish ad I found and was confused to see those colors. This was in Baltimore, MD.

  2. We need more distinction between the first and second halves of the decade, especially as the costumes shown seem to be mixing early ’60s hair with late ’60s clothing. I was born in 1951, so the ’60s were my formative years.

  3. Peregrine’s hair makes me think of Marlo Thomas in That Girl. I too wasn’t impressed by the photos from the show regarding clothes and hair for the principals. Even Call the Midwife, which I love, gets 1960s hair right. And Australia wasn’t that far behind the times. 1963 is a landmark year: Beatles, Stones, Lesley Gore, and Airplane.

  4. I have a hard time thinking that anyone can replace Essie as Miss Fischer. And the 1920s was the perfect setting. I wish they would bring back the orIginal series .

  5. The one thing phryne has is a junoesque figure. I believe that this sexy figure very very rare.

  6. James Steed? No doubt John Steed’s nephew. Leaving aside the fact Peregrine is a male name why not continue the theme by naming Phryne’s niece after another hetaira? Thais for example.

  7. I love all her outfits and would wear them for everyday, I enjoy dressing in full on 60’s outfits and makeup some days but yikes…her outfits are about 3-5 years too early for 1963. How does a mistake like this even happen? If they wanted her to have a mod look instead of the more prim early 60’s look why not just set the series in about 1966 instead?

  8. Finally started watching, and I have to (very respectfully) disagree. I really love you guys, but this one– no.

    I was in my teens in the 60’s and sewed my own clothes (gotta make the best use of a clothes budget). The clothes on the show are very good. The hair is good. (The women of the adventuress’ club were of different eras, and I remember seeing all the 30’s 40’s and 50’s hair and dress styles represented every Sunday in church).

    This show is way more accurate than MadMen. Most people couldn’t afford the fashion-forward look. We wore clothes until they wore out. Or, grew out of, then they were passed down to the next size in line. I was reverse-lucky. My sisters, though younger, were all taller than me, so I got their hand-me-downs after they grew tall. I even wore my mom’s 40’s trousseau.

    My gripe is the nail polish. Nobody wore anything but shades of pink and peach (red and orange) nail polish. Every time I saw the nail polish (green, blue) matching the dress I cringed.

    Beehives were so big on some of the girls in my school that the camera had to pull way back to fit the hair in the picture, leaving teeny tiny faces in big big hair snort. So there can’t be enough exaggeration on the size of the hair (think Dolly Parton as a norm, not an aberration). Oh– and dental hygienist hair= 60’s gym teacher hair.

    The 60’s were a time of big, big change, as reflected in the clothes and styles. It was weird. Looking back, it was really weird.

    1. Oh, drat, forgot. My husband, also a teen in the 60’s thought the show was MADE in the 60’s. He also thought The Royal, a hospital show on britbox was made in the 60’s. So, accurate, I guess?

  9. I’m an American and I feel in love with original, my daughter, too. We just watched the first 3 episodes and it’s wonderful! The costumes are really cute, reminds me of 27 year old ken doll and skipper all grown up! A great watch!

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