6 thoughts on “MCM: Tom Bateman

  1. That 1st shirt is clearly a Versace shirt from the ‘80s.
    Almost as ridiculous as Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot mustache.

  2. Yes, this actor is handsome. Re Da Vinci’s Demons: I saw the first episode as some kind of gratis preview and….there are NO words!! That said, I did want to watch more to be able know with total confidence whether it was craptastic or just crap. But, I couldn’t be bothered to find out.

    1. Given how immensely handsome the man is, I’m quite astonished that I look forward to seeing him become a fixture in costume dramas: if he’s never cast as Doctor Watson at some point I shall be very, very disappointed (Yes, that’s right, I feel a proper Doctor Watson should be the classically-handsome adventure hero type while Holmes works best as a weirdly-charming eccentric genius with a Big Nose, Fear Me if you dare!).

      Also, he’s married to MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS costar Ms. Daisy Ridley, so one can only hope they get a chance to play mystery-solving spouses at some point (Perhaps Dame Agatha’s very own TOMMY & TUPPENCE?).

      Oh, and FUNNY GIRL is a treasure: that is all.

  3. Just re- watched Bateman as Claudio, on YouTube, in a British theater production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ next to David Tennant & Catherine Tate. He’s really cute in that.

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