9 thoughts on “MCM: Theo James

    1. I sent our daughter, not a Masterpiece fan, a photo of poor Mr. P, and it made her squeal with delight. James would make a good Valentino.

  1. I saw the short film of Mr Malcom’s List around the time it was released, I’m happy to see it’s being turned into a full length movie!

  2. A passionate woman, Sanditon and Secret Scripture were all great. Looking forward to Mr Malcolm’s List as his look is very different in it.

  3. I was just rewatching Sanditon over the weekend since it was recently announced for renewal. Then I read that Theo James has declined to come back for the new seasons.

  4. My oh my, is he ravishing.

    I didn’t realize that he was Poor Mr. Pamuk. I get, Lady Mary. I totally get it.

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