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  1. IIRC also he played a very neurotic George Harrison in one of the made-for-tv Beatles movies they did after John Lennon was killed? (I figure since you included Andrew Scott as Paul McCartney in another movie this also rates a mention.)

  2. For me, one of the great weaknesses of ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ was that Peter Capaldi as the valet was waaaaaaaay more attractive than John Malkovich as Valmont. I could have believed in the former playing a dashing young rake far more than the latter.

    He looked great as Richelieu; could have played him in a proper biopic.

    1. Oh, no! John Malkovich was SO HOT as Valmont!! Whenever, I try to convince my friends that he’s hot, I’m like–watch Dangerous Liaisons. But I absolutely agree with you about his look as Richelieu and that he’d be excellent as him in a “proper biopic.”

      1. no, no, no, we were ROBBED
        Valmont SHOULD HAVE BEEN Alan Rickman, as on stage–Malkovich can’t even come close.

        1. Oh, Bea…who can argue with that? I had no idea that Rickman had played Valmont on stage until I read about it somewhere on this blog. I think there is a picture too… and of course Rickman looked delish!!! And, of course, I accept that he was excellent in the role because he was excellent in everything. But, I still stand by my original comment that John Malkovich was HOT and AWESOME as Valmont and also that between a choice of Malkovich or Capaldi as Valmot, I choose Malkovich. And I’ll add that he was also HOT as a Valmont-type in Annie Lennox’s “Walking on Broken Glass” music video, also reviewed on this blog.

  3. Love seeing him in these earlier and later roles! He transfixed me as Vera Reynolds in Prime Suspect. I’d never seen him before. A great actor.

    1. He was remarkable as Vera. So moving as that damaged creature. He should have won many awards! Also the first time I saw Ciaran Hinds who has done a number of Frock Flicks, notably as Captain Wentworth in Persuasion and Mr. Rochester in one of those dozens of Jane Eyres.

  4. First thing I ever saw him in Was “Lair of the White Worm,” with Hugh Grant; not a period piece, but an early outing for both of them. I would go for “Liaisons” as the period piece.

  5. Tremendous actor! My favourites of his are the young Peter in Local Hero, and of course Malcolm in The Thick of It and In The Loop, but neither of these are historicals.
    He was a great Doctor, but the scripts were awful.
    Loved his Richlieu!

    1. You took the works right out of my mouth! Likewise my favorites from him are Local Hero and In the Loop. His way of sandblasting people with obscenities becomes almost poetic, such is his flair.

      Such a good actor.

  6. Not a Frock Flick, but those of us who can stand really, really bad Ken Russell films can see him at his youngest and sweetest as he and Hugh Grant compete for the floppy hair title in “Lair of the White Worm.” With bagpipes!

  7. Yes, he looked and was FABULOUS as Richelieu in The Musketeers. Yes, the show was silly, but, I mean–it’s The Musketeers!! Also, Richelieu is such a JUICY role! (Although my fave Richelieu will forever be Tim Curry from the ’93 version.) He’s great in everything I’ve seen him in, so it’s difficult to answer. Totally forgot he was in Modigliani, probably because I was drooling over Andy Garcia the whole time. And now, I have to track down The Secret Agent, I had no idea that was adapted for film!! Good post!!

  8. I named my gray cat after Capaldi. Cap for short. Everyone assumes I named him for Captain America. Pfft. NOPE.

    I love the hell out of him as the Cardinal in The Musketeers. He’s the only reason I keep watching it. Fabulous character and a snarky performance. (Oh that lovely voice he has!) And it was hilarious — the last time I watched Dangerous Liasons with a friend, we both went — wait IS THAT CAPALDI? IT WAS. A baby-faced Capaldi! We were Much Amused.

  9. Roux Azolan is my favorite role in “Dangerous Liasions” and in my opinion Peter Capaldi did a great job. I love his work together with John Malkovich as the perfect team.

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