6 thoughts on “MCM: Michael Kenneth Williams

  1. Thanks, Trystan! Not strictly a Frock Flick, but he was in Inherent Vice, which was set in 1970. Let’s just say that this movie is best enjoyed with a few cocktails. :)

  2. He was really, really good in Boardwalk Empire. His character was illiterate, but it didn’t keep him from running a massive underground business. The portrayal was nuanced. Chalky is ruthless, probably more of a “bad” than “good” guy, but he also legitimately functions as a community leader.

  3. Of his FrockFlicks, I’ve only seen Miracle at St. Anna. The movie is good, though the subject matter is so grim that you can’t really say that you “enjoyed” the movie. I had no idea he had such an extensive FrockFlick resume’. There’s much here that looks intriguing. Overall, my fave role of his was Leonard in Hap and Leonard, which took place in the 80s, after your cutoff date. He’s another talented actor who is gone too soon. Thanks for this post.

  4. I’ve seen every episode of Lovecraft Country, but it’s only now that I notice that line down his forehead and cheek.

  5. It’s a damn shame. He was honestly one of our best working character actors. But he did leave an impact while he was here.

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