10 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All February

  1. Thanks for the Snark!! Enjoy Venice guys.
    Looking forward to see Mary and George on Starz, looks trashy and not too shitty at the same time

  2. What Fresh Hell does Hallmark have in store for us? Lovuary, then we have Gilded Newport Mysteries, clearly, Hallmark is cashing in on the trends in Period Dramas! I’m looking foward to the mostly black S&S tho! That’s at least a different more inclusive take?

      1. Tell the girls to have a marvelous time in Venice for Us! Nope not jealous at all! I would show up to half the Masquerade Balls looking like Angelica Huston in Ever After! Or just wear fabulous Fortuny Frocks like in Wings of The Dove! Can’t go wrong with either!

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